2013 - 2014 Board of Counselors
Steven R. Sanders
President and CEO

Steven R. Sanders brings an exceptional collection of outstanding qualifications to this key leadership role. Mr. Sanders has overall management responsibility for the implementation of the Club´s strategic global business plan. With over 30 years of senior management expertise in the area of elder services, his impressive resumé includes serving in top executive roles in highly prestigious senior living environments, aging services organizations, and luxury assisted living settings. Additionally, he has often been recruited as a turn-around specialist in numerous skilled nursing care environments. In one such position, his administration successfully led a CMS one-star rated facility to achieve five-star status with the highest staff and customer satisfaction scores to date.

Mr. Sanders possesses a refined skill in the successful management of high-end, world-class settings. His service-oriented career is accentuated by significant positions as majordomo for some of the world's wealthiest, most influential, and prominent families.

Celebrated as a creative visionary in the aging services industry, his goal is to reinvent established best practices and design preferred services and amenities which are relevant to 21st Century's sophisticated, discerning, active and wellness-oriented senior adults.

Elected to the Board of Directors of a major multi-national human services organization, Mr. Sanders has a developed heightened sensitivity and has championed ethical values and belief systems which foster international cooperation, global good-will, and intercultural respect and appreciation.

Dr. Tanya L. Benford, Ph.D Chair, School of Accounting. Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, FL

Dr. William Z. Ramirez, M.D Internal Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Victoria Weaver, MS,RD,LD Registered Dietician/ Nutrition Specialist, Atlanta, GA

Aimbrell Ross-Shanks Financial Analyst / Strategist San Jose, CA

Marjorie E. Penson, RN Nurse Manager, Wheelock,TX

Rita Robinson, RN Membership/ Marketing Niagara Falls, NY

Linda Burby, Licensed Social Worker, Charlotte, NC

Wesley Paul James Aviation/In-flight Services Atlanta, GA