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With someone turning 50 years old every 7 seconds, the super informational highway abounds with an ever increasing presence of noteworthy, reliable and beneficial data, products and services targeted specifically at consumers age 50 plus. However, as in any public international arena, one must utilize wisdom, caution and keen judgment particularly when visiting unfamiliar settings or communicating with unknown individuals and/or organizations.

Pinnacle World Club advises Club Members and all Users of this website that there exists inherent and often precarious risks in innocently or blindly relying upon, trusting, utilizing, or retrieving any information located on the Internet. Pinnacle World Club strongly encourages all Club Members and other individuals to clearly understand these inherent risks before relying upon at face value, trusting, utilizing or retrieving any such information or data on the Internet, particularly from those websites in which you are unfamiliar. When entering into interactive areas such as bulletin boards, chat rooms, forums, etc., Pinnacle World Club strongly discourages divulging personal telephone numbers, addresses, or other information which can or may be used to identify and locate you personally. Pinnacle World Club takes a neutral position and neither supports nor disavows any treatment, service, product, opinion, alleged scientific fact or otherwise presented on any linked website. Pinnacle World Club advises that information obtained from the Internet, particularly in the areas of personal health and wellness NOT serve as a substitution for conferring with trusted, erudite professionals with whom you are familiar and possess a sound, proven track record.

Further, Club Members or other individuals may find it useful to review the following information published by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) regarding elders being particularly targeted and victimized in the area of Fraud Schemes as well as advice presented on Slam The Online Scam.

Our hope for you is that you will find the opinions and perspectives shared from around the globe a useful augmentation to your personal quest to achieve and experience optimal health, beauty and wellness. Enjoy and travel the Internet wisely.

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Steven R. Sanders
President, Pinnacle World Club